If London is known for its Portobello, Paris for Ancient Flea Markets and Istanbul for its Grand Bazaar, Naples also boasts a large number of markets, more or less known, where to find everything from antiques to junk more strange course through the clothes and how many cute unique gadgets. On this page, the B & B Terra mia is an overview of the main markets of the capital of Campania, complete with addresses, hours and days of the week to have fun on a shopping spree, spending little, through the streets of the city.



Site one kilometer away from the prison of Poggioreale, more precisely at the intersection of Via Nuova Poggioreale and via Marino di Caramanico. Shopping and convenience, is the busiest market of the whole city of Naples and also the municipalities of the province of Naples. And ‘it considered a blessing for all those women who want to do business of all kinds: from shoes, clothing, bags, to fabrics by the meter. The many merchants offer the opportunity models, the latest fashion shoes, merchandise at discounted prices. Open Friday to Monday from 6 to 14.




It is located in the Vomero district, in the surroundings of “Artists’ Square”. You can find everything from clothes to great turnover shoes, books, curtains and is also well supplied with food level. It is said to be in fact, a historical market because it has been there for decades. E ‘consists of a part of stalls and a part of resales in fixed structures, there are good prices and good looking you can also find good opportunities of brand name products at bargain prices. In the Christmas period it is much more all around the Mascagna park with stalls crib, Christmas trees and gifts. Open daily, in the morning.



If you think that markets only sell products of poor quality, you’ll have to think again by visiting the Posillipo market, one of the most popular and famous in Naples. The very fact that you keep in the district of Posillipo, one of the most chic of Naples, there can be imagined that the quality of products sold and higher than average: designer clothes, good quality shoes, fabrics and fashion accessories. Hand in hand with the quality of the products also rising prices, so that the market is mainly frequented by people of Naples called “good.” In any case it is worth it. Address: Avenue of Remembrance, open every Thursday from 7 to 13.




Easy to reach by bus, the Cumana and the subway, in front of the station of Cumana Fuorigrotta, in a large shed and its surroundings, you will find food, clothing, calzaturee more. It ‘s always very crowded. Open from 8 to 13 every weekday.



Porta Nolana

Piazza Porta Nolana and surroundings every day from 8 to 14. In the two guard towers of the port of entry to the city, the best fish market in Naples, where you’ll find every kind of fish product vigorously promoted by operators, together to various food and a little all the other product categories in a colorful and fun chaos. During the holiday season, do not miss the negotiations for the purchase of eel, the eel of the traditional Christmas Eve dinner.




Located in the Square and Via Pignasecca, the small but bustling with Pignasecca market is a valuable aid to remember that in the historic center of Naples, unlike other cities, still lives a large chunk of households less wealthy classes: you will find various stalls, between which distinguish the fishmongers and their unbeatable shouts to attract the public.


Mercatino dell’antiquariato Villa Comunale

Open every third and fourth weekend of the month. A flea market, specializing sull’antiquariato that year after year is gaining more and more space and prestige, for the variety of the exhibits, from the vintage postcard up to the cabinet end ‘800. In December non-stop until the day before. To stay current on dates call the number 0817612541.



Via San Gregorio Armeno

The famous street in the historic center of Naples, touristically known for its countless artisan shops mangers and large crib art masters. Also at the Shoeshine shop, located in Via San Gregorio Armeno n ° 3, our customers can take back a nice present. For more information on Sciuscià productions, you can visit the website